China-Indonesia Technology Transfer Center

2014-04-22 19:00

I. Background

On September 22nd, 2012, the Science & Technology Ministers of China and ASEAN member states jointly launched the China-ASEAN Science and Technology Partnership Program ("the Program"). As proposed by the Program, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and ASEAN Committee on Science and Technology(ASEAN COST) have initiated CATTC. MOST will earmark USD2.5 million for the establishment of CATTC and other related activities.

II. Goals

The China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Network ("CATTN"), covering major Chinese provinces and municipalities and ASEAN member states, will be set up to bring together technology transfer agencies and professionals.

CATTN will tap the full potential for collaboration, hold B2B meetings, organize technology trainings and demonstrate advanced technologies, in a bid to enhance cooperation among enterprises and the transfer of advanced and applicable technologies between China and ASEAN member states, thus further regional integration.

III. Organizational Charter and Main Responsibilities

CATTC will be jointly established by MOST, the ASEAN COST and the S&T authorities of ASEAN member states.

1. ASEAN-China Joint Science and Technology Committee (ACJSTC)

ACJSTC was started in 1994 by MOST and ASEAN COST to promote sci-tech cooperation between the two sides. ACJSTC will set the goals of CATTC, and supervise, guide and coordinate the activities of CATTC and its branches.

2. China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center (CATTC)

It is headquartered in Nanning, Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region of China. The local science and technology department will be responsible for the daily operation as well as the formulation and implementation of the annual work plan of CATTC.

3. Branches of CATTC

The S&T authorities of the ASEAN member states shall, in consultation with the ASEAN COST, assign a local technology transfer agency to build local branches (such as Bangkok Office) of CATTC. The ASEAN branches serve as bridges between CATTC and local enterprises, universities and R&D institutes, identifying technology collaboration opportunities and organizing B2B technology meetings. China will set up regional branches in major provinces and municipalities (i.e. Yunnan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Beijing, Shanghai, Sichuan, etc.) to develop broader partnership between Chinese enterprises and ASEAN counterparts.

IV. Contents

1. China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Network (CATTN)

1.1 CATTC and its branches will form CATTN that coordinates the implementation of China-ASEAN Technology Transfer.

1.2 A team of technology transfer experts on China-ASEAN Technology Transfer will be formed, by sponsoring the backbone staff of ASEAN branches for technology managers' training in China or for three-to-six-months' work in China's related institutes.

2. China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Information Sharing and Resources Matchmaking Platform

2.1 To establish the official website of the CATTC, mainly covering organizational structure and functions, technology transfer activities, policies and services on technology innovation, etc.

2.2 To establish the China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Matchmaking Platform, oriented towards ASEAN branches and registered users. The platform should have the following functions, i.e. supply and demand information release, retrieval and pre-matchmaking, ASEAN-language translation tools, etc.

3. Matchmaking activities for China-ASEAN Technology Transfer

3.1 To hold the Forum on China-ASEAN Technology Transfer and Collaborative Innovation on an annual basis. As a hallmark event of the CATTC, the forum is to consist of high-level dialogue, B2B meetings, field trips to science parks, etc. The CATTC is to be formally inaugurated at the first Forum.

3.2 To hold B2B meetings on selected topics both in China and in ASEAN member states.

3.3 To hold technology and management training courses in key areas, i.e. food, agriculture, life science and health, disaster mitigation and prevention, water resources, environment and energy, equipment manufacturing, materials, information technology and space technology and application.

3.4 Chinese enterprises and agencies will be encouraged to establish applicable technology demonstration bases in ASEAN member states as needed.

V. Contacts

In case of any questions, please contact:

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Ms. SU Hao China-ASEAN Technology Transfer Center

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