Ambassador Xiao Qian and Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology held video conference

2020-05-05 23:00

On May 4, Ambassador Xiao Qian attended video conference with Indonesian Minister of Research and Technology Prof. Bambang Brodjonegoro. The two sides exchanged views on bilateral research cooperation in response to COVID-19. Also present at the meeting was Mr. Yi Fanping, Science and Technology Counselor from the Chinese Embassy.

Ambassador Xiao shared updates on China's battle against COVID-19 outbreak, its scientific research in response to COVID-19, and the cooperation between China and Indonesia on fighting the outbreak. He said President Xi Jinping and President Joko Widodo had spoke twice on the phone and reached important consensus on cooperation in fighting the pandemic. This ongoing fight against COVID-19 testifies to our profound friendship of solidarity and mutual assistance in times of adversity. As the virus continues to spread in Indonesia, the Chinese side has maintained close communication with the Indonesian side and offered medical supplies and technical support to the best of its capability. China has acted with openness and transparency since the start of outbreak and has been sharing information and cooperating with the global community in response. It is believed that under the strong leadership of President Joko Widodo, the Indonesian government and its people will surely prevail over the outbreak at an early date.

Minister Bambang briefed on the progress of Indonesia's epidemic prevention and control efforts and scientific research in response to the epidemic, hoping to strengthen research cooperation with China on antiviral drugs, vaccines, diagnostic and therapeutic technologies, and medical equipment.

The two sides agreed to maintain close communication on tackling the COVID-19, actively explore mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation on research, and contribute to the early victory of both countries over the outbreak.