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Wang Yi Speaks with Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amr on the Phone
2021-11-23 22:55

On November 23, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi had a phone conversation with Palestinian Deputy Prime Minister Ziad Abu Amr.

Amr briefed Wang Yi on the latest developments of the Palestinian question, stressing that China plays an important role in resolving the Middle East conflict, especially the Palestinian question. The Palestinian side attaches great importance to China's suggestions and hopes to strengthen coordination and communication with China in this respect to push for an early and just settlement of the Palestinian question.

Wang Yi said that the Palestinian side's notification demonstrates the brotherly friendship and mutual trust between China and Palestine. The Palestinian question has always been the core question of the Middle East. Only when the Palestinian question is justly resolved, can the Middle East region truly achieve peace and security. China holds that the most fundamental solution to the Palestinian question is to return justice to the Palestinian people. The international community should uphold the "land for peace" principle, adhere to the "two-state solution" and work for the early establishment of a fully sovereign, independent State of Palestine based on the 1967 borders with East Jerusalem as its capital. The urgent affairs needed to be done are as follows. First, the authority of the Palestinian National Authority should be enhanced, and it should be authorized to exercise sovereign functions in security, finance and other areas, so as to gain effective control over the autonomous and occupied territories. Second, the Palestinian factions should be supported for greater unity, whereby they can achieve internal reconciliation through consultation and dialogue, and come to a unified position on talks for the settlement of the Palestinian question. Third, Palestine and Israel should be encouraged to resume peace talks based on the "two-state solution". China supports the Palestinian side's idea of holding an international peace conference and calls for the holding of the international peace conference led by the United Nations with the participation of the permanent members of the UN Security Council and all stakeholders in the Middle East peace process. China also welcomes Palestine and Israel to hold direct negotiations in China.

Wang Yi stressed that China always stands on the side of peace, reason and justice on the Palestinian question, adding that President Xi Jinping has put forward proposals multiple times for a comprehensive, durable and just settlement of the Palestinian question. So long as the Palestinian question remains unresolved, China will not stop its efforts to promote peace talks, and will continue to uphold justice for the Palestinian side on international and multilateral occasions and stand firmly with the Palestinian people in the quest for the establishment of an independent state.

Wang Yi pointed out that since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and Palestine, bilateral relations have been developing steadily and the friendship between the two peoples has continuously deepened. China thanks the Palestinian side for its firm support in a series of issues concerning China's core interests. Over the years, China, within its capacity, has been actively helping the Palestinian side develop its economy and improve its people's livelihoods, and will continue to provide humanitarian, anti-pandemic and development assistance in accordance with the Palestinian side's needs.

Amr said that the Palestinian side highly appreciates China's impartial stance on the Palestinian question, and thanked China for its long-term valuable material and moral support to the Palestinian people. The Palestinian side will continue to firmly support China in safeguarding its legitimate rights and interests, oppose interference in China's internal affairs, and reject false accusations against China, and is willing to work with China to promote even greater development of Palestine-China relations.

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