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Wang Yi: The United Nations Should Be a Defender of Equity and Justice, a Major Platform for Practicing Multilateralism, and a Doer of the Action to Tackle Challenges
2021-11-26 18:10

On November 25, 2021, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with President of the 76th session of the United Nations General Assembly and Foreign Minister of the Maldives Abdulla Shahid in Anji County, Zhejiang Province. Wang Yi proposed three ideas on how to defend the purposes and principles of the UN Charter and practice true multilateralism:

First, the United Nations should be a defender of equity and justice rather than an onlooker of hegemony and bullying; no country enjoys the privilege of having the final say in every international affair, shaping the destiny of other countries, or having exclusive control over development advantages; in particular, no country is allowed to play tricks of hegemony or bullying under the banner of the United Nations. Both the Cold War mentality and the zero-sum game should be swept into the dustbin. The United Nations should work earnestly to increase the representation and voice of developing countries in its agencies, so as to reflect the interests and wills of most countries in a better-balanced way.

Second, the United Nations should be a major platform for practicing multilateralism rather than an arena for superpower games. All member states of the United Nations have equal status. Each member state's voice is important, and each member state's vote is valid. Together, all member states should safeguard universal security, share development achievements, and chart the course for the future of the world. Neither building a "backyard with high walls" nor forming small cliques can solve a country's own issues or do well against global challenges. Major countries should compare which has contributed larger to mankind and done more things for developing countries, instead of comparing how loudly they speak and how big their fists are.

Third, the United Nations should be a doer of the action to tackle challenges rather than a talking shop full of empty words. The curative effect matters more to disease treatment than merely giving a prescription. All countries should not pay lip service but honor their commitments. The United Nations should, in a balanced manner, advance work in all the three areas of security, development and human rights for the purpose of solving issues. It is a matter of the utmost urgency to pool efforts of all countries to tame the coronavirus across the globe.

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