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Wang Yi: China Opposes Anti-Democracy Deeds under the Banner of Democracy
2021-11-26 18:28

On November 25, 2021, during his video conference with Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi clarified China's stern position on the so-called "Summit for Democracy" soon to be held by the United States.

Wang Yi said that the United States is, in essence, doing anti-democracy deeds under the banner of democracy. Its act has drawn doubts or even discontent from many countries.

Wang Yi said that democracy should not be "privatized". Democracy is a right of people in all countries, rather than an exclusive privilege of a few countries. Whether a country is democratic should ultimately be decided by its people, instead of a foreign country that points fingers based on groundless judgment. The United States, by determining which countries are democratic and which ones are not merely based on its own preferences, is, in fact, seeking supremacy and instigating division. This action is not democracy in itself.

Democracy should not be "labelled". The ways towards democracy should be advanced and practiced by countries according to their specific conditions and people's needs. The standards of democracy are whether it meets people's needs and whether people feel adequately engaged, satisfied and benefited. It should not be a test paper designed and scored by the United States and answered by all other countries. If countries could only gauge their democracy by the U.S. standards alone, it is, as a matter of fact, a betrayal of democratic spirit and much less true democracy.

Democracy should not be "politicized". The act of interfering in the internal affairs and violating the sovereignty of other countries in the name of democracy to serve its own political purposes is despicable and should be discarded and opposed. The United States claims that it will not support "Taiwan independence". On the other hand, it openly provides an international arena for "Taiwan independence" forces, which merely proves its failure to live up to promise. Taiwan is an integral part of China's sacred territories, not a pawn of the United States. Democracy is a common value sought after by all countries, not a political tool at the disposal of the United States.

Wang Yi stressed that the world needs solidarity, not division; and cooperation, rather than confrontation. Major countries in particular need to play exemplary roles in this regard, instead of setting negative examples.

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