BKPM: Jokowi's SeaToll Road,China's One Belt One Road are Similar

2016-06-20 10:00

Head of the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) Franky Sibarani said that there are similarities between President Jokowi’s sea toll road program with the one belt one road program or the Silk Road of the 21st century proposed by the President of China Xi Jinping.

“The one belt one road policy initiated by President Xi Jinping is in line with Preisdent’s Jokowi’s toll road policy that is aimed at connecting islands in Indonesia,” Franky said in a press release, Saturday, May 18, 2016.

Franky said that both programs are also aimed at strengthening and integrating economic connectivity.

The common vision, he said, is expected to encourage more investors from China to invest in Indonesia.

Indonesia, Franky added, has comparative advantages, including its huge population, the growing middle class, political stability, democracy, and a secure and tolerant society.

Franky went on to say that China has become one of the main sources of investment for Indonesia. A total of US $ 2.6 billion (Rp 34.7 trillion) of investment from China has been realized since 2010.

Data from BKPM shows that since 2010 there gas been US $ 52.3 billion (Rp 697.6 trillion) investment commitments from China listed in the BKPM.

In the first quarter of 2016 alone, the realization of China’s investment reached US $ 464 million, consisting of 339 projects and providing employment to 10,167 workers. This makes China ranked fourth in terms of realization of investment in Indonesia after Singapore, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Source: Tempo.co